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What´s about

FIS Cross-Asset Trading and Risk Platform (former Front Arena) offers a full trade life cycle sytem. It is a real-time cross-asset trading platform and includes:

Order Management

Portfolio Management

Risk Management

Position keeping

OUr Portfolio

We deliver special knowledge in:

Front Arena PRIME Implementation

Front Arena Upgrade

Front Arena Customizing

Front Arena OMNI

Front Arena Market Access

Front Arena Support

About us

Our team is build up by consultants with many years of project expierence. Each of our team members has deep knowledge of the several Front Arena business workflows and technical processes.

Longtime expierence in projects


Fast and high quality of implementations


Our Portfolio is defined as following categories: Projects, Support, Premium Services. So we are able to deliver our customers the best mix of services which is currently required. It also offers our customers more flexibility, optimal
cost control, short-medium-term budget planing. Please read more about our portfolio below.



Projects covers the whole Life-Cycle-Process of a trading systems. Based on this we differ and group our process into 4 different views which are neccessary for introducing Front Arena. This includes

  • Analyse Requirements
  • Define Business- and Technical Concept
  • Implementation
  • Test

In case of implemenation view following processes are important:

Front Office Process:

  • Create Master Data (Instruments, ChoiceLists, Users, User Groups, ect. )
  • Create Portfolio structure
  • Create Parties (Counterparties, Clients, Brokers, etc.)
  • Position keeping – Trading Manager (Portfolio- Trade Sheets)
  • Customer- Market Connections
  • Price source / delivery
  • Validation process
  • User Profiles
  • End of Day Process (EoD)

Back Office Process:

  • Implemantation Settlement
  • Implemantation Confirmations

Risc / Valuation Process:

  • Implemantation Yield Curves

Implementation Volatility Structures

and much more…

For more details please contact us.



Support Service defines the outsourcing of Front Arena Support. After getting access to your Front Arena System the new Front Arena Team supports the users from the different business department concerning Front Arena topics.

This includes:

  • Technical support for the different Front Arena enviroments like production, test, development
  • Support availablility based on SLA agreement
  • Single Point of contact for Front Arena business and technical cases
  • Standard procedures for monitoring the system like „Morning Check“.


  • Experts with high Front Arena knowledge supports the customer and Front Arena users
  • Availability guarantee
  • Speed up solutions in case of incidents or small changes
  • Support business departements also in business questions
  • short- and mid-term cost control
  • short- and mid-term budget planing

and much more…

Pleae contact us in case of questions.



Premium Service offers different services for more flexibilty for the customer.

This means delivering in short time ressources with high Front Arena kowledge if neccessary.

This case will realized by a master agreement between the customer and us. This allows us a better short-term-planing and the customer is able to retrieve in short-time the best service.

and much more…

Please contact us for mor details.